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Why FMAudit

FMAudit is the leader in development and deployment of software solutions for Print Management and Business process workflows. Field proven and patent pending, FMAudit empowers dealers with the most complete set of software tools available in the industry today.

Who is using FMAudit

With a customer-base of 120,000 across 16 different countries and more than 4 million devices managed worldwide, FMAudit is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of clients of all sizes.

Why Choose PrintSolv and FMAudit?

- We have the largest install base in the Southern Hemishpere currently servicing more than 100 FMAudit Enterprise subscriptions (see press release)

- We offer a pricing model that caps ongoing costs and virtually eliminates barrier to entry.

- FMAudit collects accurate data. FMAudit works with all major equipment manufacturers.

- We offer unique hosting options - You Host or PrintSolv can Host!

- Integrate Meter read data with popular ERP systems such as; ICE, JIM2, CLEAR and others.

 Key Features

- Flexible Data capture options that reduce the time and effort required to deploy and maintain MPS software in the dealer’s customer base

- TCO Reporting to create reports before and after your implementation; and perform quarterly reviews for your clients

- REAL-TIME (single alert) consumable and service notifications

- ERP/CRM integration simplifies and streamlines contract administration

- Web-based assessments without installing software or making on-site visits

- Remotely manage Onsite installs for updating and changing device settings

- Customised workflows for Supply and Service alerts

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